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VITAL® 3.0

BVAQ are endorsed by the Allergen Bureau to deliver VITAL® Program training, and have been delivering this training since the incorporation of FACTA in 2013. The VITAL program is a quantitative risk based approach for food producers to assess the impact of allergen cross contact and to assist in providing appropriate precautionary allergen labelling.

There have been significant changes with the new release of VITAL® 3.0 in 2019, including new and updated Reference Doses, updates to the calculator functionality, as well as changes to the training program with the inclusion of the Allergen Risk Review website resource.

BVAQ’s experienced facilitator has a professional and down-to-earth style that incorporates real-life scenarios to ensure the training is relevant to you and your workplace.

2022 Training Dates

Virtual Training


February 23 March 9 - Brisbane
April 27 July 20 - Sydney
June 8 November 16 - Melbourne
August 3  
October 12  

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