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Whether your business requires training to support laboratory techniques, laboratory methods, basic food safety knowledge, or specific knowledge on the application of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and food safety, our technical experts are able to design and deliver customised training packages to suit your needs.

Our expertise covers the areas of food chemistry, food and beverage microbiology, food allergens, GMP and food safety in manufacturing and food service environments. Our experienced Microbiologists have experience in delivering simple “Food Microbiology for non- microbiologists”, through to complex training session on laboratory techniques. Additionally, your business may simply like the attendance of one of our team members to provide updates on new methodologies available, updates to local or international standards or provide technical knowledge on specific topics of interest.

In addition to VITAL® 3.0 training, our Allergen Technical expert, has over 20 years’ experience delivering industry training in the areas of allergens and allergen management to manufacturing operational staff, quality and NPD teams and can design a session to meet your requirements.

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