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BVAQ have been supporting the Australian food industry, since our establishment in 1954 and Southeast Asia since 1996. Providing businesses with the analytical and technical services required to ensure food safety and quality products, from the farm gate to the end consumer. All BVAQ laboratories in Australia are accredited under ISO 17025, with the Australian business holding continuous NATA accreditation since 1961.

Food testing is integral to the efficient production of safe, quality products. As the food industry becomes increasingly subjected to scrutiny, testing to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and to protect public health is a must. To support your business needs we have developed a broad range of analytical services including: microbiology, shelf life determination, chemical and nutritional analysis, allergens, residues, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), environmental testing, raw milk testing and seed and crop analysis.

BVAQ supports your business to protect your brand.

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