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At BVAQ we understand that turnaround time is critical to your business and you require access to your results at any time and from any location. Access to online results through BVAQ Live, AusSeeds Lab and LabConnect are through a highly secure, web-based portal, providing you flexibility and giving you access to quickly review sample processing and results.To further simplify your business resources BVAQ can personalise direct interfacing between IT systems.

The ability to interface to customers’ existing ERP or LIMS systems is one of the major benefits of the BVAQ LIMS implementation. Interfacing capability exists with a variety of systems, including SAP, WinLIMS, Oracle, Baan, GLIMS and LabWare.

Sample details and testing requirements can be transferred electronically by the customers system to ours, and receipt acknowledgement and results can be transmitted back, streamlining processes and decreasing time spent on manual data transfer.

Our dedicated IT team are available to support your business move to a seamless partnership with BVAQ. Contact our Sales team for more information.

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