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BVAQ Qualibet Official Inauguration

Oct. 9 2023

The Official Inauguration of BVAQ Qualibet was a significant event, showcasing the partnership between Bureau Veritas AsureQuality (BVAQ) and its emergence as a powerful entity in the Agri-Food & Feed Segment of Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services. The event took place on August 10, 2023, and involved the presence of notable figures and experts from the food and feed segments.

The event featured key figures from the BVAQ team, including John Pan, the BVAQ SEA Group Manager, Joseph Homer Macapagal, BV Philippines Country Chief Executive, and Pinky Tobiano, the BVAQ Philippines Director. They extended a warm welcome to VIPs and guests who have a vested interest in the food and feed industries.

One of the highlights of the event was a Panel Discussion on regulatory compliance, which was moderated by BV SEA Business Development Director Ronald Suba. The panelists included esteemed individuals such as Dr. Enrico Miguel Capulong, who serves as the OIC of the Division Chief for Animal Feeds, Veterinary Drugs, and Biologics Control Division. Additionally, there were Mr. Errol Angeles, a Consultant for Quality at San Miguel Foods, and Mr. Edwin Mapanao, the President of the Philippine Association of Feedmillers, Inc (PAFMI). This discussion likely shed light on various experiences, ideas, future prospects, and challenges associated with regulatory compliance in the industry.

The event expressed gratitude to all the esteemed guests who participated, emphasizing the pleasure of meeting them and expressing a keen interest in nurturing further collaborations in the days ahead.

Overall, the inauguration event seems to have been a platform for BVAQ Qualibet to introduce itself as a significant player in the Agri-Food & Feed Segment, sharing insights, fostering partnerships, and discussing matters of regulatory importance within the industry.