Tass Karalis
Business Unit Leader - NSW

I have been a member of the BVAQ team since the inception of the NSW laboratory in 2015.  I come from a research and laboratory background and enjoy the challenges associated with laboratory operations and microbiological consulting.

I love my job but I try to maintain balance and have a range of interests outside work. I have always been sport focused and still actively participate at a competitive level – with that elusive professional contract coming any time now!

If I’m not on a football field somewhere I’ll usually be found playing an instrument, writing or on a kayak. Any other spare time is pretty much occupied as “chauffeur of kids” or “walker of dog”.

Diversity and the strength of our people are the biggest drawcards of working at BVAQ.  My colleagues and the close relationships with our client partners is what makes coming to work enjoyable and rewarding.