Lee Kennedy
Customer Technical Manager - Chemistry

I grew up in suburban Melbourne and developed an interest in chemistry, more specifically rocketry, at an early age. 

Although my initial training was in plastics, my first job was in a steel mill.  My second job was in a plastics factory (in Libya) but no plastics were produced during my 18 months there.  Subsequent jobs included work in a brewery, factory stack testing, and post-mortem drug analysis, before finding myself in food testing where, apart from an excursion into psychology, I have remained.  I am a NATA assessor for food testing – a role that draws on both chemistry and psychology.

I am married with three sons, three grandchildren, three chickens and one wife.  I have an arty side, dabbling in poetry, painting, stained glass and cooking. 

I argue that cooking is where the art and chemistry overlap.